Welcome to the world largest English One Word Substitution site! One Word Substitution or replacement is a technique of using one word or term for a phrase that reflects the same idea clearly and crisply. This is the technique native English writers use to express their ideas more clearly and precisely. Replacement of a precise term for a long phrase makes a written script easy to read, and stylish. In short it can be said that it is an essential art to master for people working in any profession line. That is why various English aptitude tests related to Banks, Companies, MBA, MAT, CAT, IGNOU, SSC CGL, IIFT, CPO, CBI, CLAT, NDA, CTET, CDS, also assess this art of terms replacement while assessing the language ability of candidates who want to study or work where English is the language of communication. The idea behind this website is to make available all important substitutions required for SSC and other exams, with meaning and elaborate examples.

The prime objective behind the development of this website is to serve the visitors who want to improve their written scripts by substituting specific terms for longer phrases and for those who want to master this art of replacement. To fulfill this objective the website provides a rich resource of terms which are mostly used in English language to replace longer phrases. The website explains every single replacement with meaning and examples so that the visitors may get the best out of it. The replacements are explained in a comprehensive way with their synonyms, antonyms and their use within the sentences so that visitors may use the replacements without any hesitation in any situation. Moreover, the website also highlights the historic, technical and other related facts about the phrases for added confidence of the visitor. Furthermore, suitable illustrations are provided to enhance the understanding. This website is absolutely free and will always remain free.

One can find replacement for a sentence or phrase by searching any part of the sentence or the phrase that explains the idea. The website then shows the list of phrases containing the searched part. Click on the most appropriate phrase and read the replacement for a sentence or phrase in complete detail.

One Word Substitution is a technique of using one word/term for a phrase. Find a term that substitutes for your long phrases. Find one word substitution in English with meaning and examples. Single Word Substitution for group of words.

How does it work?

Use live search feature present at the top of every page of this website to find the replacement for a group of words or a sentence. Just start trying some words or part of the sentence or phrase you want to replace and the search engine automatically lines up the related articles for you; you can then proceed further by clicking the most related article for your search.  There you can get a list of all possible phrases which contain your searched term. It is the most robust online one word substitution finder, where we assure continuous additions for the replacements and strive to add as many as possible.

 What is One Word Substitution?

There are a great deal of terms in English language each of which does the work of numerous other lengthy phrases. The following example explains the concept of one word substitution.

For example take the words “educated” and “uneducated”; a student who does not know these words may write a sentence like, “Tom cannot read or write but his peon can read and write“. But if you know the words you will write it like, “Tom is uneducated but his peon is educated.

It is always better to express ones ideas in as few words as possible; in particular it is vital in written English. The replacement of short terms for longer phrases plays a vital role in this art of concise writing.  For any art or technique, it can be said that practice makes a man perfect, the same goes for this art of replacing a term for a phrase. Constant practice in replacement of terms for long phrases will not only enrich one’s vocabulary, it will also enable one to achieve brevity and clarity of expression- two great virtues in English composition. To make a longer tale into a nutshell use One Word Substitution for added value in your expression!