A post for which no salary is paid by the employer is called  Honorary.


salary not paid by employer, an office for which no salary is paid, a position for which no salary is paidA position in an office for which no salary is paid to the worker is called Honorary. A position held or given only as a tribute, without the responsibilities, duties or any  privileges, and is completely unpaid is known as Honorary.  A post in an office for  which the worker receives no salary is  an Honorary  post. It is just a title or a position  that is given or held as an honor . No Salary is paid against such position. At an honorary position a person serves without any pay. Honorary work is like a volunteer work for which no salary is paid.


  1. He holds  Honorary degrees in management from different universities around the globe.
  2. In the USA some universities do not award Honorary degrees as a policy. These include Rice University, MIT,  Stanford and Cornell Universities.
  3. After retirement he is still working for the university as an Honorary professor.
  4. My assistant was off the other day so I asked one of my students to be my Honorary assistant.

Possible Questions

  1. Position for which no salary  is paid by employer is called?
  2. An office for which no salary is paid is called?
  3. A position for which no salary is paid is called?
  4. A post for which no salary is paid is called?
  5. A post held without receiving salary is called?


  • Titular
    • To hold a position without responsibility or authority is called Titular.
  • Nominal
    • Anything that exists in name only is called Nominal.
  • Symbolic
    • Anything that serves as a symbol for something is called Symbolic.

 How we spend the days of our lives

  • Women spend 136 days in getting ready whereas men 46 days.
  • Getting ready for a night out, girls spend 3,276 hours while the boys only spend 1,092 hours.
  • An employee normally works 40 hours a week  between the age of 20 and 65.
  • Humans spend 3.66 years in eating, roughly 67 minutes a day. Humans consume around 35 tons of food in a lifetime.
  • Women use up around 17 years of their lives in trying to lose weight. This means they are on one or more types of diet.
  • People watch TV for approximately 82125 hours and use 17472 hours watching commercials in their lifetime.
  • People spend 3 years in washing clothes.
  • People spend one third of their life in sleep.
  • An average married woman puts in  5 1/2 years in domestic work.
  • A normal human being spends roughly ten thousand hours on the internet.
  • We humans waste  eight minutes per day (around 5 months in a life time) in moaning about different things.
  • According to Readers’ Digest survey, average man consumes 3 thousand hours of his life in shaving.
  • Many of us humans, spend 5 months in listening to the  music at the same time as waiting to talk to a human in a call center.
  • People who own a car, drive for almost 1600 days in their lifetime. The distance they cover in 1600 days is enough to make 3 complete journeys to the moon. People with or without car waste  1 ½ day per year in traffic jam.