Animals that eat other animals for their major nutritional needs are called Carnivores.


animals that eat other animals are called, animals that eat other animals are known asA carnivore is an animal that gets food by killing and eating other animals. Since a carnivore has to hunt down and kill other animals they require a large amount of calories, sharp claws and teeth. Moreover, a carnivore needs to be very agile and swift, but the dilemma is, the bigger the carnivore, the more it has to eat for its survival.

Carnivores normally hunt and eat herbivores but omnivores are also a part of their diet. They also hunt other carnivores. Carnivores and Omnivores are important for the eco system as they keep the other species from getting overpopulated.


  1. Some big carnivores even eat the small ones.
  2. Which was the largest carnivore ever lived on the earth? Spinosaurus is the largest known carnivore ever lived on the earth.
  3. The largest carnivore alive today is tiger.
  4. The badger is Britain’s largest land carnivore.
  5. Certain plants’ species also carnivore on insects and small mammals.

Possible Questions

  1. An animal that eats another animal is called?
  2. Animals that eat other animals are called?
  3. An animal that eats other animals is known as?
  4. An animal that only eats other animals is called?
  5. An animal that kills and eat another animal is known as?


  • Beast of prey
    • Animals that hunt and feed themselves and their families on other animals are called Beast of Prey.
  • Meat eater
    • An animal whose diet consists of other animals are called Meat Eater.
  • Predator
    • An animal who feeds on another animal is called a Predator.

Exciting facts regarding Carnivores

In this article, you’ll find out exciting facts regarding carnivores and their exceptional distinctiveness, their life cycle and their evolutionary history.

Land Mammal Carnivore-categorized in 7 basic groups

  • Dogs
  • Bears
  • Mustelids
  • Raccoons
  • Cats
  • Hyenas
  • Civets

Two general categories of carnivore

  • Dog Like Carnivore
    • Dogs
    • Bears
    • Raccoons
    • Mustelids
  • Cat Like Carnivore
    • Cats
    • Hyenas
    • Civets

There are approximately 250 species of carnivore

Of all the carnivores, the civets are the most disparate with 76 species. Other disparate groups comprise of  mustelids with 67 species, cats with 38 species, dogs with 36 species and raccoons with 20 species. The less disparate groups contain bears with 8 and hyenas with 4 species.

All carnivores are not meat eater.

Even though, the majority of the carnivore’s diet is meat, but some carnivores such as bears, foxes and badgers also complement their diet with plants. In fact, the giant panda is totally herbivorous, maintaining itself on a diet of bamboo shoots.

The fastest land creature is a carnivore.

The fastest land animal than can run at a speed of approximately 62 miles per hour is cheetah. Although fast, it lacks stamina and can only keep up its sprint pace for 10 to 20 seconds.

Smallest carnivore

The least weasel is the smallest weasel and the smallest of all carnivores. Fully grown male weasel weighs around 250 grams and 130 to 260 millimeter long, whereas, female weasels weigh about 117 grams and 114 to 204 millimeter long.

Largest carnivore

At present, the brown bear is the largest carnivore on the face of the earth. They weigh around 2200 pounds. Male Bears are considerably heavier than female bears. The Kodiak bear is the largest bear amongst all species of brown bears.

Some carnivores live in groups.

Some carnivore form social groups that assist in hunting and the nurture of young ones. For example,

  • Lions form groups called pride which consist of several females, their youngs and one to three males.
  • Wolves form packs that consist of a leading male and female pair and their youngs.
  • Hyenas form clans in which a female lead the group of adults and offsprings.
  • Meerkats form sociable colonies of up to 30 related meerkats.