A person who praises himself  is called an Egotist.


person who praises himself is calledA person who applaudes himself is known as an Egotist. One who considers himself or herself to be better or more important than other people and is an extremely self-absorbed, bragging about oneself  is commonly known as Egotist. Such a being is extremely self-centered and no matter what, puts himself first  and believes to be the Best. His bragging or over inflated opinion about himself or herself could be about his wealth, his social status, his intellect, his personality, anything and everything about him or her.

For such a man “ME” or “I”  are the only words around which his world rotates. He is least concerned about his loved ones or other people around him. Such is a selfish man.

The habit of talking about oneself too much is Egotism. The word Egotism is derivative from Latin and Greek word “Ego” which means “self” and ” ism”  is used to indicate a system of belief.


  1. It is almost impossible for an Egotist to make friends as he is self-obsessed with himself or herself.
  2. Judged by some passages of his life he would appear as a heartless Egotist.

Possible Questions

  1. Person who praises himself is called
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  3. A person who thinks only of himself is called
  4. Someone who only thinks of himself


  • Egomaniac
    • Someone who is unreasonably obsessed with oneself is known as an Egomaniac.
  • Braggart
    • Someone who always shows off about his accomplishments and/ or his possessions is called a Braggart.