The name of  a person who prepares taxes is known as a  Tax Preparer.


what do you call a person who does taxes, what do you call someone who prepares taxesA person who prepares taxes is called  a Tax Preparer. An person or group of persons who prepare income tax returns for individuals or businesses. A Tax Preparer is a person or a group of persons who charges a fee to prepare and file an income tax return, also known as information returns, on behalf of their clients. Also their are certain companies who prepare and file taxation for their clients. For this purpose they charge a certain fee to their clients.

Tax Preparation is the procedure of preparing returns, normally the income tax returns. This preparation can be done by the taxpayer himself or they can hire a Tax Preparer who prepares and files the  returns on their behalf. In the USA, a taxpayer can also file for an amendment in returns to the IRS, if there are certain adjustments or errors in the already filed returns.


  1. I had to travel abroad for a meeting so I hired a Tax Preparer to do my information  returns for me.
  2. Tax Preparer can be an attorney or a certified accountant.

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Interesting Facts about Taxes

  • The term tax has its origin from a Latin word Taxo which means I estimate.
  • According to a rough estimate 90% of the people who hire housekeepers and babysitters deceive on their taxes.
  • You can get a 30% of the amount being taxed to u , if you report to your employer for tax evasion.
  • In 2010, approximately,  81.2% information returns were e-filed.
  • In 2009, the IRS assisted nearly 78.1 million individuals with their returns through email, on the phone or in person.
  • Internal Revenue Service, in 2010, collected $278 billion from corporate sector and $1.1 trillion from individuals in terms of income taxes.
  • Investors in dividend stocks are  taxed twice, 1st the company pays and then the investor pays on dividends.
  • In 1913, the federal tax code had 400 pages and now it has more than 70,000 pages.
  • General Electric (GE), in America in 2010, made a profit of over $4 billion and didn’t pay a single penny in taxation.
  • In England, in 1691, taxes were collected by the no. of windows on a house. As a result, people started to build houses with fewer windows and even removed the already existed windows. People started to suffer from health related problems due to lack of windows or air. Because of the health related problems this taxation was finally rescinded in 1851.
  • The Great Russian Emperor Peter, in 1705, started  taxing  people with beards. He thought that the taxation would persuade men to have a clean shaven look that was well-liked in Western Europe.
  • The most noteworthy artifact of Egyptian history, The Rosetta stone, is a tax-oriented document. It was inscribed during the sovereignty of the boy-king Ptolemy V, around 200 B.C. It was such an important  document that it was written in three different languages.
  • In 2009, 57.3% of the taxpayers hired a tax preparer to do their taxes.
  • Americans pay around 27.7 billion to accountants (more than 1 million) to file their taxation.
  • In USA, California has more than 40,000 people who have income over 1 million per year, whereas, Vermont has the least number of millionaires.
  • There is no income or property tax on the Cayman Island. Instead they raise funds through work permit fees, import and export taxes, transaction fees and tourist fees.