Someone who knows everything is called a Pantomath.


what do you call a person who knows everything, word for someone who knows everythingA person who knows everything is called a PantomathPantomath is one who remarkably has a broad knowledge and interests, almost in all subjects of the arts and sciences. Pantomath is usually used to express the wisdom of a person which he has achieved through learning. The actual usage of the word is limited, most reports about the usage or the meaning of the word are bound to remain speculative.

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  • Omniscient
    • Someone who has nearly unlimited knowledge and wisdom is called Omniscient.
  • Polymath
    • Someone with enormous knowledge in more than one field of study is called Polymath.

Pantomath and People

The word Pantomath is believed to have its origin in Greece; it typically means someone who has an amazing knowledge and interest, more or less in every area of arts, science and mathematics. It means someone who knows it all or has learned everything that is possible. Some doubt the existence of a Pantomath stating, that it would have been known if such existed. But the term implies one  who has vast knowledge in diverse areas of study both in Arts and Science.   Same thing goes with Omniscient; one who knows everything to perfection is called Omniscient. As we all know human mind has vast powers but it is still unknown how much of the  brain power can be utilized. It is said that only a few were able to use 10% of their mind and Albert Einstein is one of them. According to a survey by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, 65 percent of Americans believe the myth is true. It is always a great fun and honor to meet a pantomath. In another perspective, it is like witnessing a human encyclopedia with all the historical facts and details in his mind. It is also said that in today’s specialized world it is not a good idea to know everything.