What do you call a person who knows the most languages? A person who is multilingual is called Polyglot.


person who knows the most languages, who knows the most languagesPolyglot is a word used for a person who masters many languages. Multilingualism or Polyglotism is the art of knowing two or more languages, whereas Monoglottism is the state of knowing only one language. An intelligent person who wants to be multilingual, can enhance his/her language learning skills with some smart learning techniques,  and some practice. Such a person becomes more and more fluent in each new language; and is capable of mastering any new language with significantly less effort.


  1. Being a polyglot is a remarkable achievement; talk to your audience in their tongue.
  2. He is a polyglot and capable of fluently speaking English, Arabic and Spanish.
  3. Multilingual is a synonym of polyglot.
  4. Do not laugh at a person speaking English with an accent, he might be a polyglot.
  5. Many of the immigrants to US are polyglot or multilingual.
  6. One can find many polyglots or multilingual among Hollywood actors.

Possible Question

  1. Who is a polyglot?
  2. What do you call someone who is multilingual?
  3. What is the synonym of polyglot?
  4. What is the other word for a multilingual person?


  • Linguist
    • Someone who can read, write and speak more than one language is called linguist.
  • Interpreter
    • Someone who knows and is capable of translating multiple languages verbally is called Interpreter.

Do You Know

  • There are more than seven thousand languages, in the world, with over 2,200 from Asia only.
  • In Chinese, there are 50,000 characters and you need to know at least 2,000 to read.
  • At least 12.44% of the world population uses Mandarin to interact with one another.
  • At least one fourth of the countries around the world speak English.
  • Luxembourg is a country where almost everyone is polyglot.
  • In Luxembourg, 50% of the academic time is dedicated for learning German, English and French.
  • In French, you can spell “o” in 13 different ways.
  • On the average 1 language gets extinct in 14 days, till now around 231 of them have been totally extinct.
  • Around 2,400 languages, mostly from Northern Australia, Eastern Siberia and Northwest Plateau of North America, have been classified as being in danger of extinction.
  • Esperanto is a non-natural language, but is spoken by around 2 million people.
  • In European Union there are 24 different operational languages.
  • The Holy Bible is translated in more than 2454 different languages.
  • The first language that was written was assumed to be around 4500 BC.
  • South Africa holds the record for having the most number of official languages spoken, eleven.
  • There is no official language of United State of America.
  • In Vatican City, one can even find an ATM in Latin.
  • Agatha Christie’s novels have been translated in more than 7,000 languages.
  • In English, E is the most frequently used character; one in eight letters is E.
  • Being official aviation language, English is used by the pilots around the world to communicate during international flights.
  • Most of the written transcripts are from left to right like English, Spanish, German, Hindi and many others, whereas some like Arabic, Persian and Urdu are written from right to left.
  • The educated people from the countries that were once European Colonies  are mostly polyglot or multilingual.