A scientist who studies Taxonomy is called a Taxonomist.


what do you call a person who study taxonomy, what do you call someone who studies taxonomyA person who studies Taxonomy is called a Taxonomist. A person who practices Taxonomy is called a  Taxonomist.

Taxonomy is the branch of biology which deals in defining groups of biological organisms on the basis of characteristics and giving names to those groups; it also includes their description and indexing. The Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus, who created a system known as Linnaean Classification to categorize organisms and Binomial Nomenclature to name these organisms, is regarded as the father of  this science of classifying organisms.

Possible Questions

  1. What is the role of a taxonomist in our life?
  2. What is a word for a person who studies taxonomy?
  3. One word for a person who knows taxonomy?

Use in Sentences

  1. A taxonomist is a person who studies the science of classifying organisms.
  2. A taxonomist is a biologist who specializes in the classification of organisms.
  3. As a taxonomist he can tell a frog from a toad.
  4. A person who classifies living beings is called taxonomist.


  • Differentiator
    • Someone or something that differentiates is called a Differentiator.
  • Classifier
    • A person or thing which classifies various entities based on their characteristics is known as a Classifier.

Role of Taxonomist in our Life

Generally, different kind of plants and animals are called different species. More precisely, a species is a group of living beings that can reproduce like living beings and can also interbred. But still there are exceptions to this definition. There are millions of species of both plants and animals on the Earth, therefore it is impossible to study them all. Taxonomy is the science of bringing all the organisms into a system of classification based on their common traits and characteristics. Owing to this organized classification system, one is  able to know the different existing traits of organisms and how are they related to each other. This knowledge of traits and their classifications helps the biologists and doctors to make new crops and to make new medicines. The classification also helps  to develop new treatments. Based on different traits of the organisms the taxonomists give names to the species which makes it easy to name the millions of existing species. By having a systematic name, it becomes very easy to make a relationship between the various existing and extinct species. In this way, a taxonomist plays a vital multi-dimensional role in our lives. Unfortunately, the naming work of taxonomists is far from completion since there are multi million species in this world that are yet to be named.