Someone who can read minds is called a  Telepathist.


someone-who-can-read-mindsPerson who can read minds is called a telepathist. Someone who is an expert in telepathy is called a telepathist.

Telepathy is the communication between two or more persons without any physical contact. Telepathy is a process that can’t be understood by scientific laws. With telepathy ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc. can be transferred from one mind to another. Telepathist is the person who has a demonstrated experience of telepathy.


  1. His interest in Telepathy made him a better telepathist.
  2. Anyone, with practice, can become a telepathist.
  3. He is a telepathist; he can read minds.
  4. How does he call himself a telepathist, he was unable to read our minds?
  5. He is a great telepathist; he was able to completely read our minds.
  6. As a capable telepathist he can clearly read minds.


  • Augur
    • A religious person (in ancient Rome) who could observe natural signs for guidance was called Augur.
  • Diviner
    • A person with special powers to forecast future events is called Diviner.
  • Hypnotist
    • A person who can read minds through hypnosis sessions is called Hypnotist.

How to Master Mind to Mind Communication (Telepathy)

The term telepathy has its origin from the word Tele which means distance and pathy which mean feeling. So telepathy means feeling through distance, or it can be said that Telepathy is connection between two minds without the utilization  of the five senses.

The requirements to master Telepathy are detailed below:

Sender and Receiver

Two persons are required to practice Telepathy. One is the sender and the other is the receiver. The sender tries to transmit thoughts and the receiver will try to receive the thoughts. Before the attempt, one should clearly decide who will act as a sender and who as a  receiver. If you don’t, you might end up being both receivers or senders. For this illustration, we will presume that you are the Sender.


It is crucial that both sender and receiver have faith in Telepathy. Actually, both the applicants should have desire to accomplish it. If you are a disbeliever or have doubts about Telepathy, you will not get required results.

Physical Relaxation

You will get better results when both the participants are physically relaxed. Better health condition is a plus point; it will help you concentrate better. Do not practice Telepathy when you are sick. Try to relax your body and mind by any method you prefer.

Mental Relaxation

Clear your mind of surplus thoughts. Make peace with your mind. Let thoughts come and go in your mind, but don’t get attached to any of them. Being a sender, try to focus on sending your thoughts. Your accomplice focus should only be in receiving your thoughts. There shouldn’t be any distraction around both of you. Disturbed surroundings will be disadvantageous for your accomplishment. A peaceful atmosphere will give maximum benefits.


Before starting to transmit thoughts, it is important that the steps explained earlier must be fully followed. They will set a great groundwork for your achievement. Keeping your eyes closed, visualize the receiver and try to imagine that he is in the room with you, even if he is not there. Feel that he is there in reality. Viewing a picture of your accomplice before the process will help you visualize better. Envision that a tube is connected from your mind to his/her mind. The tube will act as channel through which you will transmit your thoughts to him/her. Believe in your heart that it is the tube that is very effectual and it will transmit your thoughts; but the thoughts are more important. Imagining that you are on the phone with the receiver could also help.


If you are thinking of transferring a depiction of an apple, think of a big juicy red apple traveling through the tube. Make the picture as vibrant as possible. Believing in Telepathy, transmit you thoughts. While transferring, imagine what you will feel or your feeling will be when you actually accomplished that. It is important. Emotions are important and you will get better result with them. One of the reasons why a telepathy trial fails is that they lack emotions. Do not stress yourself if you don’t succeed in the beginning, just relax and focus.

When to Stop

While transmitting your thoughts, you will get to a point where you  feel that you succeed in transmitting your thoughts. This feeling is unique and there is no way that it can be faked. When you get that feeling, it means that the work is done. Sometimes it takes few seconds to several minutes to get that feeling. If you don’t get that feeling, quit and try again.

The Receiver

During the whole process, the receiver has to keep his mind blank. His only job is to receive your thoughts but he should not try too hard as this puts strain on his mind and he will not be able to receive thoughts. He will feel many thoughts coming to him. He must have a pen and paper ready and note whatever comes to his mind. He may feel that he is creating things up, it’s ok, and that’s how Telepathy works.

Compare Results

After the process is completed, evaluate your results. Check all the results your accomplice has written down. Does it include what you transmitted? If not, try again. Keep practicing, it will create more accurate outcome.

Repeat the experiment

You can repeat the process immediately but it is recommended to try at a later date. Don’t get disappointed if initially you don’t get any results, keep practicing. More you practice better and accurate results you will get. Try both positions (sender or receiver), it will tell you what you are best at, sending or receiving.

Have Patience

Patience is one of the most important things for Telepathy practice. Before a person becomes telepathist and experience to read minds, he/she needs to  experiment and do some practice before getting results.


It will be an incredible journey, when you try to explore your Telepathic talent. It will take time to develop skills and master Telepathy. Don’t expect too much in the initial stages. By practicing regularly, you will become an expert in Telepathy and you will get more accurate results in both sending and receiving thoughts. If someone wants to call himself a telepathist he needs to have some demonstrated skills to read minds.