A person who drives a taxi is called a Taxi Driver.


what do you call someone who drives a taxi, what do you call a person who drives a taxiSomeone who drives a taxi is called a Taxi Driver. A vehicle that is available for hiring along  with a driver is called a Taxi. A person whose job is to drive a Taxi is called a Taxi Driver.

In some countries it  is also known as a Cab. Also, it is known as a taxicab or a tourist car. In UK, they were also known as hacks. Usually, it  is yellow or black in color, which is why it is also called a  Yellow Cab or a  Black Cab. In some countries, like USA, the taxicabs are  found in white too. Peron who drives a taxicab is called a Cab Driver or a Cabby.


  1. Police are in search of a Taxicab Driver who robbed a passenger last night.
  2. Often foreign students in England and in America work as a part time Taxicab Driver.

Possible Questions

  1. What do you call a person who drives a taxi?
  2. What do you call someone who drives a taxi?


  • Cabby / Cabbie
    • In North America Taxicab Driver is generally called a Cabby or a Cabbie.
  • Cab Driver
    • In United Kingdom Taxicab is know as a Cab and the person who drives the  Cab is called a Cab Driver.

 Thing you might don’t know about Taxi

  • Around 2000 taxicab drivers, protested against bad labor practices at Time Square, NewYork, in 1934.
  • Bullet proof partitions (between driver and passengers) were introduced in 1970’s in respond to raging street crime.
  • In the beginning of cars for hire industry,  cars had red and green strips.
  • In 1967, to differentiate between legal and illegal taxicabs, officials ordered to paint them yellow.
  • Morris Markin, who migrated to USA from Russia, introduced Iconic Checker Cabs, which grew to most triumphant in the city.
  • A fleet of  taxicabs that had sunroof called Sunshine Cabs was introduced in 1936.
  • Hack is another term used for cabbies in US. This term was frequently used in London where black cabs are often called hack or hackney carriage.
  • The first ever taxicab driver who was jailed for careless driving was an American, Jacob German. He was put behind the bars on 20th may 1899 for driving at a speed of 12 mph.
  • The first American hit by a vehicle was Henry H. Bliss in 1890 and guess what vehicle was it ….. a NYC cab.
  • If a cab driver is found using a cell phone during driving, he will be fined $200.
  • By the end of  the 1960s there were more than 10% female cab drivers and now it’s less than 1%.
  • To become a black cab driver in London, you should know min of 25 thousand roads and streets plus at least 50,000 public places. In addition to that you have to pass a test known as The Knowledge, which requires around 2 years of preparation in order to clear the exam.
  • In London, England, only 1 % of cab drivers are female.
  • In 1991, 43% of the people who applied for taxicab license in  the US were Indians, Pakistanis or Bangladeshi.
  • In 1979, taxicab drivers were allowed to charge an extra $0.50 for the fare between 8 pm and 6 am.
  • In a 12 hour shift, average number of miles driven by an individual taxicab drive is 180 miles.
  • The term taxi is derived from the word taximeter which is a device used to calculate the fare.
  • In UK, shouting Taxi at a moving cab is against the law and it definitely wouldn’t stop for you.