Center of earth is known as Core.


what is the middle of the earth called, center of earth is known as, what is the centre of the earth calledCenter of the earth is known as Core. In Geology, the central region of the Earth is called the Core. This deepest part of our planet is divided into two parts; the Liquid Outer and the Solid Inner Cores. The Liquid Outer Part starts at the depth of 2,898 km where as, the Inner Solid Part starts at the depth of 4,983 km.

In General Core is the central, deepest, inner most or essential part of anything. The name of the central part of a nuclear reactor, where atomic fission occurs is also known as the  Core.  Also it is the central part of a fleshy fruit that contains the seeds. The inside wood  of a tree trunk is also called a core.


  1. According to the scientific research the earth’s core or  the center is made-up of molten material.
  2. These apples are rotten to the Core.
  3. Today, the scientists are capable of generating more heat than the Core of the sun itself.

Possible Questions

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  3. What is the centre of the earth called?
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  5. The center of the earth is also known as what?


  • Center
    • The middle point of a circle, which is of the  same distance from any point on the surface of the circle, is called Center.
  • Middle
    • The point which is at an equal distance from the ends is called Middle.
  • Innermost
    •  The farthest inmost part of something or some deep inner feelings.

Facts about the Earth’s Inner Core

Our planet comprises of a sequence of separate layers, each of which has a distinctive formation.The top layer which is known as the crust, is the earth’s thinnest layer  with a thickness of only 30 km.
Underneath the crust, there are four different layers which are called:

  • The upper mantle
  • The lower mantle
  • The outer core
  • The inner core

The inner core of the Earth has a number of amazing properties.


The Earth’s inner part is unexpectedly large, measuring 1,516 miles in diameter. It’s made up of 19% of the Earth’s total size, which makes it just 30% smaller than the moon.

It is the earth’s second smallest layer. The inner and the outer cores  are as big as the size of planet Mars.


It is the earth’s hottest layer. The temperature of the inner part  is predicted to be somewhere between 4,940 to 8,540 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature comes from three main sources:

  • The remaining heat left from the Earth’s creation
  • Heat generated by gravitational forces of the sun and the moon
  • The radioactive decomposition of elements within the earth’s inner  part

Phase and Composition

Earth’s innermost part, according to the scientists, is solid and is mostly composed of iron. Because of the exceptionally high pressures at the center, the blistering hot iron inner part is able to remain solid.


Experiments conducted in July 1997, suggest that the earth’s inner part  spins at a slightly faster speed than the planet itself. The research performed at Columbia University suggests that the innermost part of the planet rotates in the same direction as the Earth itself. Although, the study shows that inner part makes one complete revolution 2/3 of a second faster than the earth.

Magnetic Field

Since the innermost part  is a solid chunk of iron, thus it is the source of  Earth’s magnetic field. This is not true. When the outer part, which comprises of nickel and liquefied iron spins around the inner core it generates magnetic field.