The study of rivers is called PotamologyPotamology is a science which falls under Geology.


what is the study of rivers called, study of rivers is called, scientific study of rivers calledA river is a natural water channel, generally fresh water, flowing towards an ocean, a sea, or another water channel or reservoir. In some very rare scenarios, it might end its journey into the ground and dry up completely, without reaching another water body. The scientific study of rivers is called Potamology. Someone who specializes in Potamology is called Potamologist. Another related area is Limnology, also identified as Freshwater Science, is the study of inland waters.


  1. Potamology is a word for study of rivers.
  2. Someone who studies Potamology is called Potamologist.
  3. Potamology is a branch of Geology which deals with natural water channels.

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  1. What is the study of rivers called?
  2. What is the scientific study of rivers called?
  3. What is a word for the study of rivers?
  4. What do we call someone who studies Potamology?

Popular Facts

Here is a list of amazing facts about rivers.

  • A river is formed when water streams and tributaries join together to grow bigger and bigger, as more and more streams and tributaries combine along the route.
  • Nearly all rivers flow throughout the year except for those in infertile part of the world, which flow only in rainy or monsoon season.
  • All rivers flow mostly in one channel, but there can be multiple channels. The bottom of a channel is called bed and the sides of the channels are called the banks. Whenever some river splits into more than one channel then this is called a braided river system.
  • When a river meets the sea it leads into a vast area called a delta.
  • In Tokyo Japan,  Sumida river firework festival is celebrated which is the largest festival of its kind.  The festival is attended by more than one million people each year, and dates back to early 19th century.
  • When river meets sea or ocean, the water is neither saltish nor fresh but a blend of the two, it is called brackish water.
  • Nile in Egypt, is the longest river in the world, with immense length of 6,650 Km (4,132 Miles).
  • Amazon in Brazil, with a water flow of 209,000 m³/s is the biggest one by water flow, and the second longest in the world by length, with 6,400 km (4,345 Miles) in length.
  • Severn is the longest river in United Kingdom with 354 km (220 Miles) in length.
  • Mississippi–Missouri–Jefferson is the longest river in the United States of America, with a length of  6, 275 Km (3,768 Miles).
  • List of a river related activities:
    • Swimming
    • Sailing
    • Canoeing
    • Water rafting
    • Water skiing
    • Fishing
    • Cruising
    • Boat trips
    • In water ice skating
    • Walking and cycling along the banks
    • Eating and drinking, picnic
  • Uses of River
    • Drinking, specially in the initial part of flow
    • Bathing
    • Washing
    • Transporting goods, specially wooden logs
    • Transporting people
    • Disposing waste, specially in under developed countries
    • Making hydro-power, by making Dams or simply by using the flow
    • Drive machinery using a turbine, used in log cutting and milling
    • As a natural border between two countries, also provides a natural barrier and defense.
  • The most polluted rivers in the world are:
    • Ganges, owing to the flow of  a lot of ash from the dead bodies.
    • Yangtze, owing to industrial waste.
    • Indus, owing to industrial and city disposal.
  • On 15th January 2009, US airways flight 1549 made an emergency landing in Hudson River, New York, after being hit by a bird, with no loss of human lives.
  • Many rivers in America have food related names, for example:
    • Two Apple Rivers (one in Wisconsin and one in Illinois)
    • Banana River in the State of Florida
    • Blueberry River in the State of Minnesota
    • Cherry River in the State of West Virginia
    • Cranberry River in the State of Massachusetts
    • Artichoke River in the State of Minnesota
    • Fryingpan River in the State of Colorado
    • White Salmon River in the State of Washington