The study of sharks is called an Elasmobranchology.


what is the study of sharks called, study of sharks is called, what is the study of sharksScientific study of sharks (what they eat, their habits, their behavior, etc) is called Elasmobranchology. The only way we can understand Sharks and their behavior is through Elasmobranchology. Someone who studies Elasmobranchology professionally, is called Elasmobranchologist or a Shark Biologist.


  1. I love sharks that’s why I decided to study Elasmobranchology.

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Interesting Facts About Sharks

  • An average has 40 – 45 teeth in, upto seven rows of teeth. Because they tend to lose teeth and quickly grow them back, they often have more than thirty thousand teeth in a lifetime.
  • Shark skeleton is made up of cartilage, due to which it does not have a single bone in its body.
  • Around 30 people per year die because of shark attacks.
  • Bull sharks are the only sharks that can live both in fresh and salt water, by modifying the substances in their blood.
  • Sharks hardly ever develop cancer, that’s why scientists are doing research on shark’s cartilage to find the cure for cancer.
  • Over the past many years, some of the bizarre things that have been found in the stomach of shark are listed below:
    • Shoes
    • Chairs
    • Drums
    • Bottles of wine
    • Box of nails
  • Sharks populated the world 200 million years before the dinosaurs and have changed much during that time.
  • World smallest shark is Dwarf Lantern Shark which is measures only 7 inches whereas the world’s biggest shark is the Whale Shark which can grow up to 50 feet and weights around 40,000 pounds.
  • Sharks can’t eat Moses Sole, a very rare fish. The Moses Sole releases a chemical when sharks bite, which cause sharks to release Moses Sole. Currently scientists are making an effort to reproduce that chemical so they can protect humans form sharks.
  • It’s a fact (not very well known) about sharks that they have an acute sense of hearing. They can hear their prey from up to 300 meters.
  • Sharks’ ears can be found inside their heads.
  • The 2nd most dangerous shark in the world is Tiger Shark also know as garbage of the sea. The name garbage of the sea was given to tiger sharks because they eat every thing.
  • The biggest egg laid by any animal in sea or land is by Whale Shark. The largest egg laid by whale shark on record is 14 inches in diameter.
  • South Pacific islanders, until the 19th century, considered sharks as god and often, offered them human sacrifices.
  • Shoes that are made of leather obtained from sharks last 4 times than any other leather.
  • The teeth of white sharks were used as arrowheads by Native Americans from Florida.
  • The Great White shark measuring 17 feet in length and weights about 2,664 lbs, was the first largest fish caught by a reel and a rod.
  • About 2,000,000 sharks are killed by humans, for every human being killed by sharks.